We are using an online shop/store approach, so please add things to your cart and then complete the checkout process when you are ready. Please add your events and regalia items and you will be shown your cart each time you add something. There will be 1 or 2 “Continue Registration” buttons available on the cart page which you can click to continue to return to this page and add more items. You can view the details of your cart any time from the right side bar or on your cart page. After adding an item to your cart, use the “Continue Registration” buttons or simply click on either “Registration” or “Regalia” in the main site menu, or just user your browser’s “back” button, to come back to this page to continue add more items to your registration/order.

Please note that during the checkout process you will be required to create a password to create an account on the site. This password, combined with the first part of your email address (the piece before the @ (at) sign), or your full email address, will be used as your user name/user ID, to become your login information. This will allow you to return to the site to login to your account and view your registration and regalia order at any time, if you need to check it. To login select the “My Account” sub-menu of the main Registration page. Or, simply click this link.

If you subsequently want to add something to your order, please return to the site and add the additional items and complete the checkout process again. This will create a separate order. If you want to cancel something from an order, please contact us using the contact form.

Base Registration

Everyone attending the event needs to have one base event registration to act as your all access pass to the MG 2017 event. This is what gives access to tech sessions and all activities that do not require a separate sign up or have a separate cost.

If you are planning to attend without your MG because you are flying in, or whatever the circumstances are, please see the specific option/item labeled “Register Without Car”, to cover this scenario. Finally, as with other conventions, we do not have an option for single day or car show only registration given the costs associated with putting on a multi-day event/convention.

All classes will be popular vote by all registered participants.

Base registration is discounted (on sale) until May 31, 2017 at midnight Pacific Time. As of June 1, 2017 the non incentive regular pricing will be in effect, so please don’t miss this deadline.

All items except regalia can be found on this page. Please scroll down to find all registration items. To see the full calendar of events and activities please go to the main events page.

Hotel Reservations

The full details are on the hotel page but as a quick recap, please proceed to make your registration for the event using the online registration process. Upon payment, you will receive an email confirmation of your registration which will include details and a special hyperlink to the hotel website to make your room reservations at the specially negotiated event rate. You must use the link provided in the email if you choose to book online. The link we provide is a custom URL/address that includes the possible start/end dates and the discount code for the event. We will also include a group code that you can quote, should you prefer to call the hotel to make the reservation. This information is provided for all registrations where the registration/order contains a base registration for the car show, as either a North American MGB Register member or as a non-member.

Registration Options – NAMGBR Members

Use the items below if you are a NAMGBR member. You’ll find Banquet, Dinners and other activities further down the page. See the Non-Member section below if you are not a NAMGBR member. Please read this post for details about parking arrangements and important info about Trailer Parking.

Registration Options – Non Members

Use the items below if you are not a NAMGBR member. You’ll find Banquet, Dinners and other activities further down the page. Please read this post for details about parking arrangements and important info about Trailer Parking.

Events – Banquet – Dinners


Guided Drives

The Guided Drives below do not have any cost. However, to manage numbers, we ask that you register. See the product information or events calendar for more information and details.

Want Regalia?

Once you have completed your registration and activities selections, please hop over to our regalia page to add some regalia to complete your order before completing your checkout and payment. Click here to go to the regalia page.