We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the MGC Roadster and GT during MG 2017 in San Diego. The 6 cylinder, 2912cc, 145 bhp, MGC was introduced at the 1967 London Auto Show and was the first production MG to have metallic paint offered. A total of 9002 MGCs were […]

MGC 50th Anniversary Celebration

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There have been some inquiries and updates provided in a few cases so we thought we’d capture a few details and specifics and share them with everyone attending or planning to attend MG 2017 regarding hotel parking and hotel reservations. Hotel Parking Every hotel has some unique elements around parking […]

Hotel Parking – Hotel Reservations

2017 MG Coast-to-Coast Adventure This is not a NAMGBR organized event. Our members Dick Lunney and PJ Lenihan are organizing a drive from the east coast to San Diego. If you’d like to join them the details of their plans are provided below and additional updates will be made as […]

2017 MG Coast-to-Coast Adventure

MG 2017
Hello Everyone. Just a quick update that the event planning is still very much progressing in the background. So, as such, from the external view not much has changed and indeed the event web site does not yet have any details on registration. This will be updated as soon as […]

Registration Update

Route 66
Route 66 could be quite a big element for many MG 2017 goers – since many people will be coming from the East as the event will be on the very west coast. Recently, the Missouri History Museum held an exhibit on Route 66 and a focus on the road […]

Route 66 Information

MG 2017 Forum
Today we have been able to add another “social” option for the MG 2017 San Diego annual convention of the North American MGB Register, a MG 2017 Forum. With the support of The MG Experience website, we have a dedicated event forum to host discussion about the event. The MG […]

MG 2017 Forum on The MG Experience

MG 2017
Welcome to MG 2017. MG 2017 is the annual convention of the North American MGB Register and is being hosted by NAMGBR with the dedicated support and assistance of the San Diego MG Club. We hope you’ll find everything you need to make your plans and registration for MG 2017 […]

Welcome to MG 2017