MGC 50th Anniversary Celebration


We are celebrating the 50th Anniversary of the MGC Roadster and GT during MG 2017 in San Diego. The 6 cylinder, 2912cc, 145 bhp, MGC was introduced at the 1967 London Auto Show and was the first production MG to have metallic paint offered. A total of 9002 MGCs were produced (North America exports 4256: Roadsters 2483 and GTs 1773). Total number of automatic transmissions fitted 1320 (North America export 937: Roadsters 453 and GTs 484)

The MGC was based on the MGB and intended as a replacement for the Austin-Healey 3000. MG did it’s best to fit the heavier C-series engine into the MGB body shell. The chief concern was placing the engine as far back in the car as possible to maintain weight balance and to allow space for the optional automatic transmission. The design had the engine sitting forward in the engine bay giving the MGC a weight balance of 53%/47% compared to the MGB 51%/49%.

To accommodate the engine, some changes had to be made to the unibody construction and mechanics of the MGB. Outside, the most obvious changes are the bulge in the bonnet and the 15 inch wheels, most of which are wire. The bonnet bulges provide clearance for the top of the engine, the larger radiator, and carburetors.

The MGB front cross member was replaced with a deep ā€œUā€ design to clear the oil sump on the bottom of the engine. The MGC front suspension is changed from the MGB coil spring set-up to a lower arm connected to a torsion bar as the springing method. The torsion bar runs front to back, to a mounting point below the front seats, to transfer the suspension stresses back to the midline of the reinforced unibody. The rear suspension has a stronger rear axle commensurate with the increase in power and the front and rear spring rates were increased to handle the extra power and weight. In 1967 MG upgraded to an all synchromesh transmission and an optional automatic transmission for the B and C.

Please join us Sunday evening at the Welcome Reception featuring our first time guests and our MGC Owners and cars! We will have many opportunities to celebrate our cars and friendships during the week.

Other differences unique to the MGC
– Dual brake boosters
– Unique 5-way brake pressure failure switch
– Larger brake rotors and drums
– Unique dual brake master
– Larger clutch master and slave
– Larger clutch
– Larger radiator with unique mounting and sealing brackets
– Unique radiator expansion tank
– Unique heater control valve
– 1.75 HS-6 carburetors and linkage
– Unique air cleaner filter box
– Front carburetor cooling fan
– Unique emissions control system
– Wider transmission tunnel on all 9002 cars to accommodate the BW T-35 automatic transmission
– 16.5″ steering wheel with leather wrap.
– The floor pans were also raised to make room for the torsion bars, so the front of the seat frames were shortened 1.75″ lower than the MGB seat frame.
– Tube type front shock absorbers
– There are also restrictor brackets attached to the engine mounts to prevent the engine from moving forward during a front end collision.