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Local Information & Getting Here

Here we have made available summaries and links to useful local information for your visit and stay in San Diego and the surrounding area. We’ve also provided some information on Route 66 – since many people traveling to the event may want to take advantage of some or all of the historic drive to get to or from MG 2017.

Route 66

Probably the most historic road in the USA!Route 66

There seems to be such a lot of information on driving this road but here are some links to get you started.

The National Historic Route 66 Federation seems to have taken an interest in preserving Route 66 and has information and guides for sale.

For a flavor of the road and what it is about you may have seen this series “Billy Connolly’s Route 66” which was on UK and USA TV (and maybe others). There are some pieces of the series on YouTube or look for re-runs on TV or perhaps the DVD. Just do a Google search.

Looks like National Geographic has also documented some Route 66 Information so take a look at their page also using the link.

Lastly, here’s a History Channel documentary on Route 66 to give you some background, should you need it.

Welcome to San Diego, CA

Here’s a video by Expedia to give you an overview of San Diego and what to expect from the host city for MG 2017.


A quick introduction to Seaworld San Diego which is just literally minutes away from the Paradise Island host hotel.

San Diego Zoo

There’s also the iconic zoo to visit and again this is very close to the host hotel for MG 2017.

The MG Experience

Want a place to chat and make plans with your fellow MG enthusiasts for MG 2017? Don’t do Facebook?

MG Experience

We have the perfect place and are partnering with The MG Experience to provide a dedicated forum for all things MG 2017. The MG Experience is a highly regarded online MG community and chances are you’re already signed up on the site. It’s probably already your virtual MG Club! If not, please head on over to the MG Experience site and set yourself up – it’s completely free (although there are additional membership levels available). You’ll then be set to take advantage of the MG 2017 forum and all the discussions, tech tips, reference materials and MG camaraderie the site provides.

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Follow the event via the dedicated MG 2017 Facebook page, or, if you don’t use Facebook, you can follow along on the discussions and posts by viewing the Facebook updates from this web page.