Hotel Parking – Hotel Reservations

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There have been some inquiries and updates provided in a few cases so we thought we’d capture a few details and specifics and share them with everyone attending or planning to attend MG 2017 regarding hotel parking and hotel reservations.

Hotel Parking

Every hotel has some unique elements around parking and the Paradise Point hotel is no different. This property is a very distributed layout and is not your typical central/single block building surrounded by parking. The Lanai Gardens rooms for MG 2017 are distributed around the property in single story blocks or pods of 3-4 rooms.

As such, each room has one designated and dedicated parking spot in close proximity to the room. If you have a second vehicle it’ll also need a parking permit to be displayed and can be in one of the other main car parks or parking areas.

Full size trailer and tow vehicle parking has been setup with special arrangement with the hotel. Your tow vehicle and full sized trailer on, or in which, you bring an MG, will need to have purchased the trailer parking, so that it can be allocated a special trailer parking permit and then parked in some set aside designated parking spots. This relates to the full size trailers – we’re not talking about the smaller pull-along trailers being towed by an MG. Those can be kept in your designated room parking space as long as you arrange them so that you can also park you MG in the one spot and not interfere with any other room’s designated parking spot.

If you don’t purchase trailer parking and get the necessary permit to park in the designated MG 2017 trailer/tow vehicle parking area, we need to advise you that the hotel will have your tow vehicle and trailer removed at your expense. Don’t let online mapping application views of the hotel suggest otherwise – the hotel have been very clear to us about towing/removing tow vehicles/trailers that have not got an MG 2017 parking permit and are parked in the specific reserved area, right on site at the hotel.

Similarly, you should also not plan to park trailers/tow vehicles offsite in nearby public parks’ parking facilities or city parking lots. The City of San Diego will also enforce parking rules and remove vehicles if necessary.

Take advantage of the discounted parking we have arranged with the hotel so that you can safely have your tow vehicle and trailer right on site with ready access, with no need to be concerned about it being removed at your expense.

Hotel Reservations – Rooms

As we have mentioned on the page dedicated to the hotel, our rates for the event INCLUDE both the usually extra parking costs AND the Passport to Paradise resort fee. It is very rare to get rates with the Passport to Paradise resort fee included and, as a result, the hotels online reservation website does have a bit of ambiguous information that you may notice if booking online.

However, we have been working with the hotel to improve this information, as much as is possible, and we can assure you that the rate of $184 plus taxes is correct – no extras for parking or the Passport to Paradise will be added. You get this rate by using the MG 2017 event group code which is provided via your email confirmation when you register for the event by completing a base registration purchase. You can use the link provided to book online or use the Group Rate Code when you call the hotel to make your reservation.

The image below shows the updated information. As you can see the details on the left side confirm that both the parking and Passport to Paradise fees are included in our MG 2017 event rate. However, because the hotel basically never does the inclusion of the Passport fees, they’re unable to fully update the information in the grey box on the right.

Paradise Point Rate Info

If you have any concerns about the rate, please feel free to call the hotel and validate this by calling their reservations number, 800-344-2626.

As a reminder you need to manage all reservations, changes, updates or cancellations with the hotel directly. The MG 2017 event team are not able to make or change any hotel reservations for you.